Children’s Balloons


A child’s party is incomplete without balloons! Whether you want simple colourful balloons or you want cartoon-themed balloons, we can supply everything from Cars and Finding Nemo to Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse.
As a Certified Balloon Artist and a member of the Qualitex Balloon Network, you can be confident that all the decorations are made of top-quality balloons. To discuss your requirements, contact me today!


Latex Balloons 11″

Plain Balloons – lots of beautiful colours complete with plastic weight:  £1.00
Bouquets of 3 are £6.00 and include a fancy weight and coordinating ribbons.


Printed Balloons
I provide balloons with numbers, birthday prints and various themes such as animals, pirates and butterflies
complete with a plastic weight: £1.10
Bouquets of 3 are £6.00 and include a fancy weight and ribbons.


Balloon grab: £15
These include 10 latex balloons on bangle weights which are tucked into a weighted ball of balloons. These add colour and movement to any party and at the end of the party the children can just grab a balloon and take it home with them. Additional balloons are £1 each.


Solid coloured 18″ foil balloons:
Available in lots of colours and shapes such as hearts, stars and rounds: £3.00
These can be personalised with your child’s name for an extra £1 per balloon
Also available in 36″ which can be personalised with glitter writing or vinyl.


Patterned 18″ Foil Balloons
Lots of popular themes available and characters, too numerous to mention. Many have coordinating tableware and banners etc. These look great when added to latex balloons or stunning balloon bouquets that your child will love!
Price for a helium filled balloon with plastic weight: £3.00
If you opt for a heavier, fancier weight: £3.75


Supershapes are large shaped balloons approx 24″ to 28″. When they are filled with helium they last for weeks. They can be added to foils and latex balloons to make fantastic bouquets perfect for themed parties. They can also be placed on tables and when they are placed on the floor children love them! You can choose from numerous characters from Disney. I offer balloons in the shape of butterflies, Winnie the Pooh, Bob the Builder and lots more. Most of them cost around £7.00 but some of the larger ones cost a little more (£9.50).


Airwalkers are extra large balloons approx 44″ high which are helium filled and weighted with a clip. They hover around and then when they catch an air current they move about. When the children start running about the airwalkers will join them! This is a favourite for many children. I provide a lot of characters for you to choose from. Most of them are £20 each.


Balloon on a stick: only 90p each
Ideal for children to take home – these are air-filled and last for ages. Prints or plain latex options available.


Balloon in a box: £6.50
An 18″ foil balloon in a box with tissue and sprinkles tied up with a big bow. Imagine their delight when they open the box and a balloon pops out. It makes for a brilliant birthday surprise!
Jumbo letters and numbers 36″ high: £8.00 each (with balloon base that costs £10)
You can choose to spell out their name or age. These are sure have a big impact on your guests. I provide them in gold, silver, pale pink, cerise pink, blue and black. This can be personalised with a name for a small additional charge.


Bouquets and sculptures
The number of possible themes are unlimited. I will be happy to create whatever you want.